Makino Introduces U32j Wire EDM

Ultra Precision Machine Ideal for Complexities and Intricacies

The Makino U32j wire EDM machine is ideal for machining complex items that require extensive and intricate machining. High-accuracy precision parts, progressive dies and highly engineered plastic molds for such uses as semiconductor devices, connectors, consumer electronics and precision machine components are all handled easily by the U32j.

This unit is 20 percent faster than any of Makino’s previous U-Series machines, with a maximum cutting speed of 20 inches2/hr with 0.01 inch (0.25 mm) brass wire. The U32j also has improved touch sensing accuracy to +/- 2 micron from +/- 5 micron in the other U-Series machines, with an optical scale feedback of 0.05 microns for the X- and Y-axis.

Features and Benefits
Like other U-Series machines from Makino, the unit is accessible from three sides of the Makino patented drop tank. It is equipped with the new MGW-S5 CNC controller for faster CPU speed, which reduces the graphic plotter time by half compared with previous generations, and also supports USB capability.

The footprint of the machine is 73 x 101 x 81 inches (1855 x 2565 x 2050 mm).  This supports a work tank of 31 x 24 x  10 inches (790 x 611 x 250 mm).

Makino's Crystal I/II Machining Circuit (CMC) provides high-definition surface finishes down to 0.8 micron Ry in steel with no special tooling, jigs or fixtures. Carbide materials can achieve surface finishes down to 0.5 micron Ry. Guide-pin holes equal to that obtained by jig grinding can be burned with the U32j due to superb roundness capabilities.

The Makino WireWIZARD™ operating system delivers high speed machining capability with superior accuracy. This unique control technology has three main graphical components designed for maximum throughput—programming, set-up and run—which provide the basic needs for any application.

The WireWIZARD cutting technology provides superior performance and surface integrity without sacrificing speed, allowing for up to 30 percent faster processing speeds over other EDM technologies. It will automatically select the optimum machining conditions even for shapes where water pressure changes can occur, such as when starting to machine from the edge of a workpiece.

The newly developed SurfaceWIZARD Technology is incorporated into the U-series machines as part of the WireWIZARD control. SurfaceWIZARD virtually eliminates witness lines and has been shown to maintain part straightness within 5 microns in one pass and within 2.5 microns in 2 pass machining. This new technology provides unparalleled surface quality in parts of variable shape and thickness, such as stepped parts. It will prove invaluable for shops that manufacture parts for aerospace, medical, or injection mold markets.

Automatic Wire Threading
Unattended machining time is optimized on the U32j by integrating a variety of auto threading methods.  These include high speed, small hole and normal settings, established within the same program based on the necessary application.

The U32j wire is threaded in 10 seconds in standard mode with the patented automatic wire threading process from Makino. Within standard specifications, automatic threading is possible for start holes as small as 0.020-inch (0.5mm) diameter.   In the fine hole mode, threading is done in 15 seconds.

Makino guarantees 12,000 machining hours can be achieved out of a single set of Split Precision V wire guides, with wire diameter ranges from 0.003 to 0.012 inches (0.07 to 0.30 mm). Vertical alignment is virtually eliminated since the guides do not require removal for cleaning.  Pico Precision wire guides are also available for applications where start holes are smaller than 0.020 inch (0.5mm) or where holes are located within 0.060 inch (1.5mm) center-to-center.

About Makino
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