Makino Introduces Ultra High Accraucy RAM EDM EDAC1

Ultra High Accuracy Ram Ideal for Micro EDM

AUBURN HILLS, MI—September 2006—Makino’s newest entry to the micro-EDM world is the EDAC1. This next generation, micro EDM Ram machine is capable of producing corner radii of 0.00019 inches (0.005 mm) and surface finish quality of 0.000024 inches (0.6 micron) Ry.

Positional and pitch accuracy of +/- 0.00004 inches (1.0 micron) is achieved with new mechanical and electronic design that includes full heat control, with thermal isolation and heat removal systems as standard equipment. These systems include an integral Z-axis thermal stabilizer along with engineered placement of the heat generating components, such as the power generator, and insulation placed at strategic areas for full thermal isolation of the machine tool.

The EDAC1 has X-,Y-, and Z-axis travels of 8.66 x 7 x 8.66 inches (220 mm x 180 mm x 220 mm), and a table size of 13.77 x 9.85 inches (350 mm x 250 mm). The new C-axis head is designed to maintain indexing accuracy of +/- 2 arc-seconds.

The machine size is 45.70 inches wide by 73.60 inches deep by 90.20 inches tall (1,160 mm x 1,869 mm x 2,291 mm), and it weighs in at 6,835 pounds (3,100 kg). The maximum electrode weight is 11 pounds (5 kg) and the maximum work piece weight is 110 pounds (50 kg).

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