Makino Offers the ADVANTiGE™ to Manufacturers of Titanium Parts

Mason, Ohio – May 2010 – Makino's new ADVANTiGE™ machining technology is set to change the way manufacturers think about Titanium machining. This advanced process solution enables four times the productivity with double the tool life in titanium machining operations, dramatically reducing costs and lead times for titanium manufacturers.

"ADVANTiGE provides a degree of machining efficiency that no other Titanium technology has offered in the past," says Mark Larson, Makino's Titanium R&D Manager, who is located at Makino's Global Titanium R&D Center in Mason, Ohio. "This technology overcomes the traditional challenges of low metal removal rates and limited tool life associated with Titanium machining by improving spindle performance, coolant delivery, vibration damping, machine rigidity and cutting strategies. By combining these improvements into one package, we're able to break through the limitations of the past."

ADVANTiGE is currently available on Makino's T-series five-axis horizontal machining centers.

ADVANTiGE Machining Technologies
Makino's ADVANTiGE is composed of five key machining technologies including an Autonomic Spindle Technology, high pressure, high flow coolant system, vibration damping system, Coolant Microsizer System, and a rigid machine and spindle construction.

The ADVANTiGE Autonomic Spindle Technology utilizes spindle sensors to measure displacement caused by excessive cutting forces. This feedback is instantaneously sent to the Professional 5 control where processing characteristics are adapted to the current machining conditions, protecting both the spindle and tooling and ultimately allowing the spindle to detect, think, decide and react by itself to optimize stable cutting conditions.

The ADVANTiGE high pressure, high flow coolant system delivers large volumes of high pressure coolant directly to the cutting zone for increased chip evacuation from multi-flute tools. The coolant system includes overhead shower, spindle nozzle, and through-spindle coolant for improved cooling, lubrication, and chip evacuation in titanium parts.

By adjusting frictional forces based on low frequency vibration sensing, the ADVANTiGE vibration damping system avoids chatter and cutter damage resulting from structure resonance in real time. This vibration suppression enables deeper cuts, higher metal removal rates and reduced tool wear.

The ADVANTiGE Coolant Microsizer System optimizes high flow and high pressure coolant delivery to the tool tip for extended tool life. This system ensures the highest level of coolant temperature control and lubricity for cutting tools, enabling double the tool life of conventional machining technologies.

The rigid construction of ADVANTiGE enhanced machinery provides a solid, reliable platform for all other technologies and further suppresses vibration for reduced tool chipping and improved metal removal rates.

See for Yourself
ADVANTiGE technology is currently on display at Makino's Global Titanium R&D Center on a T4 five-axis horizontal machining center. Call 800-522-3288 to set up your appointment to see this technology in action.

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