Makino presents new automation tool, the Track Pallet Magazine

Organize your workload and better manage production cycles with the Track Pallet Magazine

Mason, Ohio – July 2008 – The Track Pallet Magazine (TPM) is Makino’s latest addition to automation technology, enabling companies to reduce setup times, increase machine and spindle utilization, and raise the production capacity of a machine. This machine addition is perfectly suited for low volume and high mix production lines and is easily implemented into any shop.

The TPM is the simplest solution for managing both cutting time and labor. This setup provides operators with the ability to load multiple pallets consecutively, allowing the TPM to guide the process the rest of the way. Pallets are automatically loaded and unloaded into the machine, providing increased spindle utilization that nearly eliminates downtime typically caused by manual loading and preparation periods.

Requirements for installation are simply a Makino 1-series machine equipped with the Professional 5 Control software. TPM configurations are available in six, eight, ten, and twelve pallets.

The Makino TPM allows shops to upgrade into automated technologies quickly without consuming large amounts of space. Installation of the TPM is configured based on ideal floor space requirements and is setup in either a “T” or “I” formation.

Additional features on the TPM include a work setting station with customizable locations on the I-formation layout, an automatic program call that corresponds to each pallet face, and a control panel integrated with Pro 5 screens for easy management of production flow.

Flexible, Easy Operation
TPM is easy to control and make changes in the machining order easy. Priority for each pallet can be set at the Work Data Screen featured at the Pro5 Control panel. An “express” pallet enables pallets containing emergency orders to take top priority. Other pallets with equal priority are machined based on previous machining start time. Pallets can also be suspended at any point in time and removed from the machining schedule.

Operators benefit from a user friendly visual control interface, providing them with numerous pallet control options. Finished pallets can easily be identified, along with problem pallets, which can be identified with individual pallet alarms. Users can easily call pallets to return to the work setting station for re-evaluation or complications.

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