Makino Releases the T4, Built for Efficient Titanium Machining




MASON, OHIO – June 2009 – Makino’s new T4 five-axis horizontal machining center dramatically increases titanium milling efficiency, combining lean manufacturing methods and increased metal removal rates for today's aerospace applications. It is specifically designed for the production of large titanium and titanium alloy aerospace parts such as edge frames, pylons and bulkheads. The T4 includes several key elements for efficient titanium machining, including an Active Dampening System, rigid construction for enhanced performance, a high torque, high powered spindle, and a high pressure, high flow coolant system for increased speed and productivity.

"We designed a machine that would be ideal for titanium, top-to-bottom," said Alan Hollatz of Makino's Aerospace Group. "The unique characteristics of this material demanded that we start with a rigid, stable platform to overcome vibration problems associated with titanium milling, and focus on a horizontal spindle solution with a compact high-torque integral drive spindle for faster acc/dec and machining productivity."

Parts made from titanium are critical to the aerospace industry for their high strength and toughness, lightweight, corrosion resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Titanium parts are difficult to cut due to deflection issues and poor thermal conductivity that concentrates heat at the cutting edge.

Enhanced Rigidity
The T4 design features Makino's new Active Dampening System, a technology that balances frictional forces with the cutting force to suppress vibrations. With the Active Dampening System enabled, the T4 can perform deeper cuts, achieve higher metal removal rates, and reduce tool wear.

The T4 is built with a very rigid structure to reduce cutting vibration associated with titanium. The machine provides X, Y, and Z axis travels of 165in, 78in, and 39in (4,200mm, 2,000mm, and 1,000mm) respectively, and can hold workpieces up to 11,022lbs (5,000kg) for a large stable cutting area. The machine weighs a total of 240,000lbs (110,000kg), providing increased rigidity even in the toughest cutting conditions.

Compact Five-Axis Spindle
The machine’s HSK-A125 spindle is Makino's most powerful spindle to date, providing higher torque, horse power, and clamping force than all predecessors. It's compact design combines the latest induction motor technology with twin inverter drive technology for higher torque (740ft-lbs, 133HP continuous; 1,100ft-lbs, 200HP peak). The spindle is supported by roller bearings to ensure high rigidity, which keeps the energy loss to one-half that of conventional gear-driven spindles. The spindle delivers a maximum cutting force of 20,000N and has a maximum speed of 4,000RPM. The A and C-axes increase part accessibility with a ±110 degree A-axis rotation and a 360 degree continuous C-axis rotation.

Increased Speed and Productivity
The T4's high pressure, high flow coolant system delivers 53 gal/min (200 L/min) of water-soluble coolant at high pressure (7MPa) to the cutting zone for increased chip evacuation from multi-flute tools. The standard coolant system includes overhead shower, spindle nozzle, and through-spindle coolant for direct chip removal from the cutting zone. At high volumes and pressure, the T4's coolant system provides the sustainable, long-term, dynamic accuracy necessary for large titanium parts.

Additional Features
The T4 can be equipped with an automatic pallet changer system for continuous operations, eliminating costly downtime for part change overs. A standard 60-tool capacity automatic tool changer (optional 120 and 180-tool capacities are available) is equipped for unattended machining capabilities.

The T4 can also be integrated with an automatic pallet transfer and storage system in a highly flexible Makino Machining Complex (MMC) for extended periods of unattended operation. This automation system assigns work and initiates operations automatically, maximizing spindle utilization for increased productivity.

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