Makino’s 2009 Advanced Manufacturing and High‑Precision Technology Expo a Success

Auburn Hills, Michigan – September 2009 – Makino’s 2009 Advanced Manufacturing and High-Precision Technology Expo held at the Auburn Hills, Michigan Tech Center provided industry leading advice and innovative machining solutions from Makino and other prominent companies.

"I think it's amazing they put on the event in the first place, given how bad the economy has been to the die and mold industry," said Corey Greenwald, an attendee of the Expo and owner of Hard Milling Solutions of Michigan. "I think it shows Makino's commitment to the industry--bringing in top-notch speakers to help us understand the economic situation we're in and where it's going, putting over 20 machines under power to show off new technologies, and presenting on topics like micromachining and automation to help us succeed and be more efficient."

Several hundred shops attended the event, packing the room for speakers such as Kim Korth, who spoke on the current economic state and what IRN sees as the future.

"Makino works diligently to bring an effective cross-section of presenters that address the strategy, tactics and process solutions that are necessary to gain a competitive advantage during this critical economic period,"  says Mark Rentschler, Makino's marketing manager. "The presentations at the expo were designed to provide shop owners and principals real process solutions that they can take back with them to their own manufacturing operations."

Industry Leading Advice
The event began with guest speaker Kim Korth, owner and president of IRN Inc., who provided deep insight into the current state of the North American auto industry and what's ahead. Korth discussed the new positions of major OEMs, and the impact these changes may have on supply base, and shared many predictions for specific areas of automotive production.

"Trucks aren't going away in the U.S.," Korth explained during her speech. "Three of the top 10 cash-for-clunkers vehicles were trucks, and new power trains will make trucks more efficient. Don't ignore this category," she recommended.

Following guest speakers included Conrad Winkler, partner of Booz & Company, based in Chicago, and expert in manufacturing strategy, manufacturing transformation, and supply chain management. Winkler discussed our dynamic economy with its ever-changing set of concerns, and examined the limitations of popular approaches such as Lean and Six Sigma. Through overviews of the best manufacturing innovations in business sectors, including pharmaceuticals, automobiles and consumer products, he revealed modern approaches that are making manufacturing expertise a strategic advantage.

On day two of the event, Sandy Munro delivered a fast-paced presentation on beating out the competition with the power of lean product design. Munro encouraged shops to focus on part design in order increase their net profits.

The final guest speaker of the expo, Dr. Samuel Kahan discussed the current recession and provided a forecast into 2010, helping attendees find a light at the end of the tunnel. In his fun and engaging speech, Kahan provided real manufacturing insights to help ease the concerns weighing down many manufacturers today.

Advanced Processing Techniques and High Precision Technology
In addition to guest speakers, Makino provided additional industry insight with technical presentations from Makino engineers and live machining demonstrations.

Makino's Micromachining R&D Manager, John Bradford, presented fine-hole machining technologies that can be implemented to help clear manufacturing hurdles. As Modern Machine Shop's micromachining "Ask an Expert," Bradford provided industry leading insight into modern machining technologies capable of achievements not seen by the human eye.

"Much of the micromachining work we see is fine-hole related," said Bradford during his speech. "Given this, anyone interested in micro work will have to learn how to work with tools they can't even see, focus on a shop environment designed for micron-level precision, and acquire the inspection equipment necessary to verify micro features." 

As part of his speech, Bradford invited OGP to speak about their micro-measurement technologies.

Dave Walton, Makino's Integration Engineering Manager, delivered a full-circle presentation on the integration of automated systems in today's machine shop. Walton presented and demonstrated several viable commercial offerings in automation solution, from simple robot-integration to full-scale automation systems.

In the presentation "Makino EDM Leads the Way," Jeff Kiszonas, Makino EDM Product Line Manager, presented both past and present Makino developed EDM technologies and outlined the significance of Makino's advancements in EDM equipment. With examples from both past and present Makino developed EDM technologies, Kiszonas actively displayed the importance of being more than "just like the other guys."

Makino's Vertical Product Line Manager, Bill Howard, discussed the five-axis machining of a silicon mold, and how tolerances of five microns can be achieved. Howard's detailed explanations and in-depth procedure notes provided attendees with a clear understanding of how the mold can be built with zero benching necessary.

In addition to presentations, Makino provided 20 live machining center demonstrations that included vertical and horizontal machining centers, 5-axis vertical machining centers, wire EDMs, Ram EDMs, and automated machining cells. The demonstrations covered a variety of industry specific applications and processes such as tool, die, mold, medical, production, and aerospace.

During the demonstrations, Makino's technical staff addressed attendees' questions and provided detailed problem solving advice.

A number of select manufacturers also exhibited products at the Expo. The list of exhibitors included:

Blum Laser and ATLM systems, Camtek CAM software for EDM, Delcam CAD/CAM, emSolve CAM system solutions, Erowa workholding and automation solutions, Espirit CAM software supplier, Hirschmann NC rotary tables for EDM, Hitachi Tools cutting tools, International Mold Steel material and steel supplier, Lyndex Nikken tooling systems, Mastercam NC programming software, MMK Matsumoto NC rotary tables, Millstar cutting tools, OGP measuring equipment supplier, Open Mind CAD/CAM software and post processors, OSG cutting tools, SST Consumables EDM consumables supplier, SST Tooling die/mold consumable tooling supplier, System 3R workholding and automation, Technitron NC rotary tables and integration, and U.S. Union Tool, Inc. cutting tools.

About Makino
A world leader in advanced CNC machining centers, Makino provides a wide range of high-precision metal-cutting and EDM machinery, including horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, graphite machining centers, and wire and Ram EDMs. Our flexible automation solutions provide reduced labor costs and increased throughput in a variety of production volumes and designs. With Makino engineering services, we offer industry leading expertise for even the most challenging applications across all industries. For more information call 1.800.552.3288, or visit

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