Makino's J3 Series Compact Horizontal MachiningCenters

For fast, high production machining

MASON, OH–May 2006– Makino’s J3 Horizontal Machining Centers are ushering in a new age of parts machining.  The Makino J3 is a high-speed, high production horizontal machining center ideal for high-volume parts manufacturing and numerous forms of automation and part transfer, especially for small automotive components and die cast aluminum parts.

Reducing Machining Costs
The J3 has state-of-the-art functions supporting high efficiency and shorter machining times.  It can reduce overall costs by providing faster machining due to the higher spindle speeds and superior axis acceleration/deceleration characteristics.

Non-cutting time is further reduced due to fast automatic tool changing and quick table index times. This can reduce the number of machines needed and can reduce machine tool costs to achieve a given production requirement.

The J3 Series offers superb accuracy and agility, while often achieving 10 percent or more reduction in machining times versus other traditional modern machining centers.

It is designed to be the most reliable machine in order to achieve the lowest cost of operations, which is achieved through the reduction in number of components in key areas such at automatic tool changer and spindle/ram assembly.

The J3 Series is equipped with various coolant functions and exceptional chip management system. The chip disposal system has a 30 degree inclined oil pan, and a shortened coolant trough to quickly remove chips and heat from the machine structure.

Flexible Tooling
The J3 Series has a flexible HSK-A50 spindle tool interface. It comes with a tool storage capacity of 15 tools, with options for additional tool capacity. Maximum tool diameter is 3.15 inches (80 mm) and maximum tool length is 12.20 inches (310) mm, with a 11 pounds (5 kg) maximum tool weight. Tool changing time is reduced to 2.3 seconds.

Unique flexibility of the J3 includes the use of HSK-50/63 tool holders that can achieve greater rigidity and superior finishes based on the needs or your application. These high rigidity tools can be automatically changed along with the standard HSK-50 holders.

The J3 can utilize smart tools for more cycle time reductions, combining machining operations normally accomplished on Special Purpose Machines (SPM). Line-boring and valve-finishing tools can be utilized for special purpose machining.

A high-speed tap driver can be applied save 0.4-0.6 seconds per hole. For boring operations requiring a long reach a hydrostatic boring bar with two-end support can be applied, developed for crank journal finishing.

Accuracy Features
The HSK-A50 spindle tool interface speed on the J3 is 16,000 min-1. The spindle drive motor is 5 min/cont. (15kW/11Kw).

X-, Y-, and Z-axis travel on the J3 Series is 25.60 x 15.75 x 15.75 inches (650 x 400 x 400 mm). Rapid traverse is 2,362 ipm  (60,000 mm/minute), with feedrates of 1-1,968 ipm (1-50,000 mm/minute). Maximum acceleration for X is 1.1g, for Y 1.3g and for Z  2.0g.  Z axis acceleration is faster to reduce the majority of wasted “non-cut” time typically associated with automotive manufacturing applications.

The J3 Series has a 40 percent reduction of power consumption for superior economy.
The compact machine design—with a footprint of 50 inches (1,280) mm in width by 124 inches (3,140 mm) in length—emphasizes outstanding operating ease.

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