Makino’s UPJ‑2 Horizontal Wire EDM Machine

Makino’s UPJ-2 Horizontal Wire EDM Machine

AUBURN HILLS, MI - September 2006 - The ultra-high accuracy UPJ-2 from Makino is the world’s only conventional horizontal wire EDM machine and features standard capabilities for automatically threading and machining with wire as small as 0.00078 inches (0.02 mm) in diameter. The UPJ-2 meets the needs of the micro-miniature machining markets that require micrometer and nanometer level machining technologies.

The Makino horizontal wire EDM machine can handle such jobs as gears for micro-miniature molds, fiber optics, inkjet nozzles and medical instruments. It is ideally suited for the medical, electronics and aerospace markets, as a result of trends toward smaller and lighter parts with higher functionality in these areas.

Makino Advantages
Thanks to its unique construction, the UPJ-2 can automatically thread a 0.00078-inch (0.02mm) wire through a 0.0027-inch (0.07 mm) diameter start hole with a 0.0059-inch (0.15 mm) pitch offering high reliability and performance. The machines dielectric fluid operation helps to minimize spark gap and enhance quality finish, while the unique core and slug removal unit improves particulate flushing and enhances uptime.

The entire machine is enclosed within a Makino Thermal Guard? unique temperature system, which helps control the temperature inside the covers to within 1 degree F (0.5 degree C). This tight temperature control helps the UPJ-2 deliver high-accuracy machining by maintaining a stable machine attitude even during long hours of operation.

UPJ-2 Features
The X-, Y-, and Z-axis travel are 7.87 x 7.87 x 2.36 inches (200 x 200 x 60 mm), with the U- and V-axis traveling +/- 0.394 inches (+/-10 mm). A 50-nanometer (0.00005mm) scale feedback system is standard in the X-, Y-, U- and V-axes for micromachining and enhanced positioning accuracy.

The wire diameter range is 0.00078 inches (0.02 mm) to 0.008 inches (0.2032 mm), with a minimum start-hole diameter of 0.0027 inches (0.069 mm). The maximum suspended weight of the UPJ-2 horizontal wire EDM is 44 pounds (19.96 g), which includes the toolholder. The maximum taper angle is +/- 3 degrees for a 0.004 inch (0.1016 mm) wire at 1.181 inches (29.8 mm) thickness.

The UPJ-2 uses a V-type wire guide rather than a round guide to enhance threading accuracy.  The machine features a Windows® CE® operating system and a touch panel, 15-inch liquid crystal display, with an Ethernet interface also a standard feature to support utilization of a network.

The UPJ-2 can operate long hours of unattended machining time with an optional automatic work changer and an optional core removal unit. The core removal unit, facilitated by the horizontal wire travel system adopted on the UPJ-2, substantially improves machine uptime by automatically cutting out the cores following machining.

About Makino
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