Makino Showcases Latest Aerospace Machining Solutions at 2010 Farnborough International Airshow

FARNBOROUGH, ENGLAND – June 2010 – Makino will be highlighting their latest machining and processing advancements for the aerospace industry at the 2010 Farnborough International Airshow in Farnborough, England. These new technologies will forever change the business of titanium, aluminum and nickel alloy machining and processing.

“The Farnborough Airshow unites leaders from every sector of the aerospace industry to exhibit forward thinking innovations in aircraft technology,” says Mark Rentschler, Makino marketing manager. “Contributing to this event, Makino will be detailing new advancements in aerospace machining technologies, including our T-series titanium machining centers, ADVANTiGE titanium processing technologies, MAG-series aluminum machining centers, and the G5 multi-functional five-axis horizontal machining center.”

The Farnborough Airshow is organized by the Society of British Aerospace Companies and will be held July 19-25, 2010. Makino’s senior executives will be available in Hall 4, stand A14 and chalet C4-5 to answer questions and discuss Makino’s latest aerospace machining technologies and processes.

Makino’s ADVANTiGE™
Makino’s ADVANTiGE™ technologies overcome the traditional challenges of low metal removal rates and limited tool life associated with Titanium machining. By improving spindle performance, coolant delivery, vibration damping, machine rigidity and cutting strategies, ADVANTiGE is capable of four times the productivity and double the tool life of conventional machining technologies.

ADVANTiGE technologies include an Autonomic Spindle Technology that monitors and adjusts in real-time to optimize cutting conditions, high pressure, high flow coolant for improved cooling, lubrication and chip evacuation, a vibration damping system to pro-actively reduce chatter and vibration, a Coolant Microsizer System that improves tool cooling and lubricity for extended tool life, and a rigid machine construction that suppresses vibration for reduced tool chipping and improved metal removal rates.

These technologies have been integrated into Makino’s T-series 5-axis horizontal machining centers, built specifically for large titanium aerospace parts. Makino’s senior executive team will be on hand at the 2010 Farnborough Airshow to explain the business impact that ADVANTiGE can provide.

Making Aluminum Fly
Makino’s leadership position in the machining of aerospace parts is primarily a result of the Makino MAG-series five-axis aluminum machining centers. At the Farnborough International Airshow, Makino will illustrate how today’s most advanced and productive machining centers, specifically designed for the creation of large, complex, monolithic aluminum parts, can impact a businesses efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Makino’s new A7 is based off the widely successful design of the MAG-series 5-axis aluminum machining centers with cutting-edge technological innovations that deliver fundamental business benefits. The A7 is built to accommodate modern aerospace structural parts, increase machining accuracy and reduce cycle times for lower costs and higher productivity. With a top spindle speed of 33,000 rpm, the A7 is setting new records in aluminum metal removal rates, allowing faster part delivery.

Grinding, Drilling, Boring and Milling in One Machine
Visitors of Makino’s chalet will also learn about the G5 multi-functional five-axis horizontal machine, capable of grinding, drilling, boring and milling all in one platform.

The G5’s multiple capabilities cut down on capital expenditures and provide continuous operations through the day and night. By streamlining operations, businesses can save production time and increase productivity by eliminating multiple part transfers. In addition to these advantages, manufacturers can save time—and money—by reducing fixture costs, setups and eliminating stack-up errors that almost inevitably occur in multiple setups.

About Makino
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