SP64 Wire EDM for Large Workloads

Ideal for tall part production applications
Auburn Hills, MI--September 2006--The extremely fast part-processing speed of the Makino SP64 wire EDM machine provides the advantages of production wire-cutting machines capable of holding extremely tight tolerances.Targeted for the general wire EDM arena, the SP64 provides advanced features for the general part manufacturing, aeronautics and medical application markets looking to reduce operational costs.

The SP64 will feature Makino’s newest wire EDM technology, the WireWIZARD™ CNC control system and new EZ-Cut™ advanced machining technology. The large 15-inch touch screen user interface and advanced functionality of the user interface make the WireWIZARD system not only powerful, but also exceptionally simple to use.

Features and Benefits
Weighing in at an impressive 12,566 lbs. (5,700 kg), the SP64 is a solid workhorse with the ability to handle large workloads. Many operator conveniences are incorporated into the machine to improve productivity. This includes a full-function hand box with LCD display, rapid feedrates of 78 ipm for fast set-ups and an auto-threading system with 12,000-hour life of the V-guides.

According to John Shanahan, EDM product manager at Makino, “The SP64 wire EDM offers a large machining envelope and many standard features.  These include a 0.000004 inch (0.1 micron) dual feedback system with a high-speed digital generator, an integrated dielectric chiller and a standard dual-action work tank door for ease in part loading.

The SP64 has an X-, Y- and Z-axis machining range of 25.60 x 15.74 x 12.60 inches (650.24 x 399.80 x 320.04 mm) with a maximum work size of 44 x 32 x 12.60 inches (1117.60 x 812.80 x 320.04 mm). An optional 16.5-inch (419.10 mm) Z-axis is also available. This machine offers the use of wire sizes from 0.004 inch to 0.012 inches (0.1016 to 0.3048 mm), and taper cutting capability up to 15 degrees (with 35 degree s optional).

The Wire WIZARD™ control, and unique process control technology and Quick Connect™ auto-threading system all help manage an extremely low maintenance, superior quality wire EDM machine.
Makino’s Wire WIZARD Technology
Wire WIZARD (MGW-S) powered by Windows® CE embedded software provides optimum reliability in an easy-to-use, operator friendly control system. The software has three main graphical components designed for maximum throughput—programming, set-up and run –which provide the basic needs for any application.

It uses this logical approach by actually prompting the operator through the process. This simplistic operation makes the learning curve of the software negligible, providing an easy transition for any operator.

Makino’s Wire WIZARD also offers an estimating feature that will actually calculate part- manufacturing cost. With minimal input from the operator, the control software will output total machining time, consumable costs, and can even output total part cost if an hourly shop rate is applied.  This allows customers to monitor, control and drive out operational costs when utilizing the SP64 wire EDM.

Makino’s state-of-the-art Wire WIZARD cutting technology provides superior performance and surface integrity without sacrificing speed, allowing up to 30 percent faster processing speeds over other EDM technologies.

Key on-board technologies include Makino’s new PowerWIZARD™ adaptive control system,  CornerWIZARD™ geometric control system and GS-Cut™, designed to produce the straightest parts possible are all control features design to improve part accuracy and machining performance. These features improve overall machine throughput and precision.

PowerWIZARD increases machining speed while improving overall surface finish by controlling the discharge current and maintaining the optimum spark gap. CornerWIZARD is a unique control feature that provides outstanding shape accuracy, providing tighter control of small internal corner radii. GS-Cut™ improves straightness in the initial cut, reducing the skim cuts required to produce a straight part, reducing overall cycle time.

Lower Consumable and Maintenance Costs
Lower wire feedrates dramatically reduce wire consumption without effecting machine accuracy or performance, a huge improvement over so-called “economy” modes of operation.

Makino’s patented automatic wire threading (AWT) and unique V-type wire guides reduce the overall cost of ownership by dramatically reducing maintenance downtime.  As an example, the wire guides can be cleaned without disassembly and the added time required to realign the wire vertical to machine travel.

Quick Connect™ Auto-Threading
Makino’s Quick Connect, “dual-jet” automatic wire threading unit has a fast 15-second thread time. It can be used for many diverse applications, from tall workpieces to precision small holes.

This simple, straightforward design makes Makino wire threaders reliable and very easy to service. Only five minutes per week for routine maintenance keeps the threader in top running order.

Unlike other systems that require removal of the wire guides for cleaning, Makino’s unique V-guides can be cleaned and serviced without removal, saving time and money. Because of their unique design, Makino guarantees the guides for 12,000 hours, more than any other manufacturer.

About Makino
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