Does High Pressure Coolant make a difference?

February 08, 2007

One commonly overlooked aspect of the machining process is coolant, especially the pressure at which the coolant is applied. Makino has found that properly applied coolant can have a major impact on cycle times in parts that require deep holes or where the chip tends to not leave the cut, especially if the machine has the ability to apply coolant at pressures of 1000 psi. Makino's Tim Jones will talk about the benefits of high-pressure coolant in the machining process and will discuss which cuts high-pressure coolant can most benefit. "The benefits of high-pressure coolant can range from more accurate cuts to dramatically longer tool life," said Jones. "Improving chip management, improved overall part quality, and reduced lead-times are only some of the benefits from applying this process." Case studies are used to illustrate where high-pressure coolant has made the part production more effective, and talks about the resources necessary to apply high-pressure coolant to your manufacturing process.

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