Error-proofing Your Production Manufacturing Operation

January 18, 2007

Eliminating waste is a primary tenet of lean manufacturing, and errors in production are a large element of manufacturing waste. Makino's Tim Jones, horizontal machine product manager, discusses how to pursue zero defects in the manufacturing process to improve your overall manufacturing process. Jones goes thorough the manufacturing process, and talks about how Poka-yoke techniques can be applied to reduce potential errors before they reach further stages of manufacturing and cause unnecessary scrap that slows down the entire flow. Examples of parts and fixturing are discussed, as well as machine features that can assist in reducing common error points. In addition, programming simulation, tool setting automation, tool condition monitoring, and machine monitoring are examined. "Errors can be reduced or eliminated by implementing some basic techniques and technologies," said Jones. "When the proper precautions are put into place, along with some advanced monitoring and machining conditions, errors can easily be caught before they affect delivery times and part quality." Jones also discusses how error-proofing can help you deliver good parts more quickly, and at a lower cost to your customer while improving your global competitiveness.

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