I'm Packing H.E.A.T.

August 17, 2006

H.E.A.T., or High-Energy Applied Technology, is designed to dramatically increase wire EDM machining speeds in poor flushing conditions. In the Webinar, Jeff Kiszonas discusses the advantages of using H.E.A.T. with the SP-series machines, and how it will help your shop produce better, burn faster parts, and maintain accuracy and straightness. This allows a higher throughput on the machine, reduced lead-times to customers, and makes shops more profitable. With H.E.A.T., you don't sacrifice accuracy or part straightness for speed in poor flushing situations. It is ideal for medical, production, aerospace, or most job-shop applications. "When a part requires a wire EDM, especially when flushing is a problem, many shops assume that the entire process will be dramatically slowed because of the speed of the EDM," said Kiszonas. "With a technology like H.E.A.T. applied, cycle times can be reduced substantially-enough to allow the wire EDM process to not be a major bottleneck in the rest of the system." Kiszonas also discusses which wires give the cleanest and best performance to prevent wire-guide clogging. He shows economical solutions and economical operating costs for shops.

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