Ram EDM Lead Time Reduction

June 15, 2006

The pressure to decrease lead-times is all around, especially in the moldmaking industry. Ram EDM users feel this pressure and need to take note of new techniques and technologies that will help reduce time to delivery. Makino's EDM product manager discusses ways to reduce lead-times with Ram EDM through specific technology and techniques. These include automation systems to aid unattended operation, the elimination of bottlenecks, and programming advances. In addition, Makino will discuss specific machine design characteristics that can greatly aid in efficient EDM-ing, including precision tooling systems, machine drop tanks, automatic tool changers, rotary indexing tablets, and robotic automation. If surface finish concerns are slowing your process times, Makino will talk about the benefits of HQSF ™ slurry, which can eliminate hand-finishing in many cases. These and other technologies will be discussed, helping anyone using a Ram EDM to speed up their lead-times and improve the quality of molds produced.

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