The World's Most Accurate Sinker EDM

January 11, 2007

If highly accurate molds are your business, you can't miss this seminar on the most accurate Ram EDM in the world. This next-generation, micro-Ram EDM machine is capable of producing corner radii of 0.00019 inches (0.005 mm) and surface finish quality of 0.000024 inches (0.6 micron) Ry. Positional and pitch accuracy of +/- 0.00004 inches (1.0 micron) is achieved with new mechanical and electronic design that includes a full heat-control system, with thermal isolation and heat-removal systems as standard equipment. This system includes an integral Z-axis thermal stabilizer along with special engineered placement of the heat-generating components, such as the power generator. Today's industries pressure mold builders to be able to maintain tighter tolerances and build better surface finishes. Makino discusses how the EDAC1 meets this need in developing new products.

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