Built for Die/Mold

March 23, 2006

Designing a machine specifically to perform at the highest level in a die/mold shop is no easy task. Bill Howard of Makino discusses how Makino makes the fastest, most accurate machine tools available to moldmakers. Case studies are used to show how real-world molds are produced more efficiently and effectively using modern equipment and techniques. "Hard milling, high-speed machining, and even micromachining are possible when the machine is designed from the ground up with moldmakers in mind," said Howard. "Many people are surprised at the difference in quality in a mold produced in a machine built for die/mold, and a commodity machine. The fact is, not every machine can handle the demands of moldmakers." Howard discusses how superior straightness, rigidity, parallelism, and repeatability can be built into a machine tool, and why these factors matter if you're trying to reduce mold cycle times or eliminate hand polishing. Howard also talks about the importance of spindle technology, control technology, and thermal control. In addition, tech transfer is discussed so that machinists can get the most out of their tool.

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