Hard Milling Solutions

March 09, 2006

Makino invites Corey Greenwald, co-owner of Hardmilling Solutions, and Makino machine tool owner, to discuss how he approaches milling of 50+ HRc hardened materials. Greenwald shares examples of materials and parts he has cut successfully. In addition, Craig McQueen of Makino's Die/Mold Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan, speaks about what's necessary from a machine tool and tooling perspective to successfully machine hardened steels. "I would like to say that hard milling is a necessary process to be competitive in the global market," said Greenwald. "iI is a very predictable process if all elements are in place. Those elements are your machines, your spindle, your spindle interface, the holder, the cutter, the CAM software, and also an open-minded programmer. It is a very consistent process when all of these elements are in place and Makino can help you with all of those."

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