Closed-Loop Aerospace Engine Component Processing
As the commercial jet market continues to grow with orders and deliveries at record levels, production rates are soaring to historic highs to meet demand and reduce the backlog of aerospace engine orders. To meet these projections, manufacturers are putting equipment in place and proving out processes in advance, all while engaging in full production on the orders already coming through.
To produce large quantities of high-quality parts with virtually no scrap, manufacturers need a mechanism that helps them be efficient in producing more products without a lot of operator intervention. Enter closed-loop manufacturing.
This white paper defines the closed-loop manufacturing process and discusses what to look for when selecting the right partner and right equipment needed to put resources in place.
This white paper aims to help answer the following questions:
  • How do I select a partner to implement a closed-loop system?
  • What equipment and machining features should I consider when preparing for closed-loop manufacturing?
  • What should I consider when it comes to cell layout and automation?
  • How and when do I conduct tests and process checks?
  • What is involved at each step of the closed-loop process?
  • How do I monitor and maintain the closed-loop process?
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