Selecting the Appropriate EDM Technology for Hole-Drilling Applications

Changes in market demands are driving new requirements for hole features, which have in turn led to an evolution in EDM hole-drilling technologies. From general production applications to medical and aerospace components, today’s hole specifications vary greatly in size, shape and quality. This white paper aims to equip manufacturers with the necessary knowledge to select the best-suited EDM hole-drilling machine to suit their unique needs.

Beginning with a background on industry trends, the white paper explores the changing dynamics of hole-drilling processes within the general production, medical and aerospace markets. A side-by-side technical comparison between oil- and water-based machine platforms outlines the particular advantages and disadvantages of each platform, with recommendations based on specific hole-feature qualities.

Developing the ideal EDM hole-drilling process doesn’t rely solely on the machine tool. As such, this paper explores what process engineering considerations should be made to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and quality. A discussion of automated capabilities and technologies for hole-drilling processes closes the discussion, providing readers with recommendations for achieving accurate and reliable hole drilling while running fully unattended.

This white paper aims to help answer the following questions:

  • How do I select the appropriate sinker EDM technology for my hole-drilling applications?
  • Why are there differing types of EDM hole-drilling machines available on the market?
  • Does it matter what type of sinker EDM I use for small hole drilling?
  • What are the performance differences between oil- and water-based sinker EDM drilling technologies?
  • What process engineering considerations should be taken into consideration for EDM hole drilling?
  • What automation technologies are available for sinker EDM drilling processes?
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