L2 APC Vertical Machining Centers

L2 APC High Performance Machining Center

The L2 vertical machining center is designed for high-volume, small-part manufacturing. Combining rigid construction, a compact footprint and flexible spindle design, the L2 offers a highly stable and reliable machine platform for fully unattended, around-the-clock part processing.  Given the small size of the machine, it can be effectively employed in virtually any type of workpiece flow arrangement – ranging from manual part transfers to automated part movement facilitated by robotic systems.  The L2 can be deployed to meet the specific needs of any manufacturing environment.

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Product Family

Table Size11.8" diameter300mm diameter
Spindle RPM16,000 (HSK-A50), Optional - 8,000 (HSK-A50)16,000 (HSK-A50), Optional - 8,000 (HSK-A50)
Rapid Traverse1,890 ipm48 m/min
Cutting Feedrate1,890 ipm48 m/min
Maximum Workpiece16.23" x 10.51" x 8.46"413 x 267 x 215 mm
Maximum Payload132 lbs60 kg
ATC Capacity30 (HSK-A50) - Standard30 (HSK-A50) - Standard
Chip to Chip3.5 to 4.5 sec3.5 to 4.5 sec
Maximum Tool Length9.8" (with limitation)250 mm (with limitation)
Maximum Tool Diameter1.18" / 3.14" (ALL/ADJ)30mm / 80mm (ALL/ADJ)
Maximum Tool Weight11 lbs5 kg

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The L2 is a high performance oriented vertical machining center that provides the optimum solution for high-production, small component machining.  Equipped with a 16,000 RPM, 20 HP, HSK – A50 spindle, the machine can easily tackle the rigorous milling, drilling and tapping tasks required for various production parts  - and has the speed and acceleration to dramatically minimize part cycle times.  A 30 tool magazine insures a wide variety of tools to address any part configuration.  
Complete with a “built – in” pallet changer, the machine provides for fast, efficient part exchange – maximizing machine utilization and minimizing part floor – to – floor times.  The standard A – Axis rotary table also provides access to machine features of the part not normally accessible on a traditional vertical machining center.

At only 3 feet wide x 7 feet deep, the machine minimizes the floor space required to achieve high levels of production, can be readily moved and reconfigured and is a breeze to integrate with various types of automation.
Standard Features:
  • Stroke – up Specification
  • Thirty (30) Tool Magazine
  • 16,000 rpm, HSK–A50 Spindle
  • A – Axis Rotary Table with APC
  • Automatic Indexing Stocker
  • 400 L Coolant Tank
  • Rear discharge LUCC
  • X, Y, Z Axis Roller Guides
  • Broken Tool Sensor at ATC Side
  • Overhead Shower Coolant
  • 210psi Through Spindle Coolant
  • Nozzle Coolant
  • Coolant Temperature Controller
  • Right Discharge LUCC
  • Fixture Shower Coolant for Stocker
  • Splash and Chip Shield
  • Automatic Grease Supply Unit
  • Automatic Open / Close Front Door
  • Fixture Hydraulic & Air Supply
  • Air Dryer
  • Makino Professional L Control
  • Inch/Metric Selection
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Cylindrical Interpolation
  • Part Program Storage (1,280 m)
  • Part Programs (400 Total)
  • Tool Offsets (400 Total)
  • Work Coordinate Pairs (48)
  • High Speed Skip Function
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Fixed Type MPG
  • Custom Macro (700 variables)
  • Extended Part Program Editing
  • Run Hour and Parts Quantity Display
  • Worklight
  • Signal Light (3 layer)


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Webinar Library

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L2 VMC: Made to Automate High-Volume, Small-Part Manufacturing

L2 VMC: Made to Automate High-Volume, Small-Part Manufacturing

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