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MHmax: Avoid Costly Unplanned Downtime

Predict Your Machine Health with Makino’s MHmax Predictive Analytics

What Does Unplanned Downtime Cost Companies Each Year?

One study shows that unplanned downtime can cost a company as much as $260,000 per hour.* While these expenses can greatly vary depending on the size of each shop, the factors which determine the calculation remain the same.Companies should look at how much profit, capacity, and productivity are lost while labor costs per unit, overtime costs, and maintenance costs increase.

The Hidden Costs of Unplanned Downtime

  • Production schedule disruption
  • Lost production volume
  • Missed deliveries to customers
  • Overtime pay to catch up on production
  • Higher labor cost per unit

* The actual cost of downtime in the manufacturing industry - IIoT World


Why Predictive Is Better Than Reactive?

MHmax machine health monitoring software exists to allow for planned machine service before the machine unexpectedly goes down - significantly reducing downtime.


What Is MHmax and How Does It Work?

MHmax is a game-changing predictive technology specifically designed to reduce your unplanned downtime.  Only MHmax offers a tailored high-value sensor package paired with Makino’s proprietary machine learning software to monitor key machine functional areas that are critical to the health of the machine.
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Why You Need MHmax

Real-time Data for Real-time Troubleshooting
  • Operators and maintenance teams receive data on symptoms to do real-time trouble shooting to address symptoms before they become problems
  • In one consolidated report, you’ll view all data and information you need to make informed decisions and schedule preventive maintenance in the smartest, most efficient way possible.
  • Enables Maintenance and service teams use of sub-system data to have clear definition on what problem to fix to trouble shoot and make a repair quickly
  • Enables maintenance staff to manage a larger number of machine units with fewer staff by putting machine condition data at their fingertips
  • Avoids the cost of preventative maintenance “might break soon so replace it now” part uncertainty
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What is Unique about MHmax?

Relying on 15 years of customer support data in different production scenarios, Makino engineers identified the leading causes of unplanned downtime and the important warning signs to maximize machine performance.
Only MHmax offers a high-value IoT sensor package paired with Makino’s proprietary machine learning software that continually monitors critical parts.
MHmax has a unique IoT self-learning capability, able to gather and analyze thousands of data points to monitor the status of the machine and predict failures before they happen.
MHmax also sends an email or text to alert you to developing performance trends so you can take action before downtime.


Data Security: You Decide How You Want to Connect to MHmax

Makino highly values your privacy and data ownership, so MHmax offers three levels of IoT connectivity to support predictive maintenance - where you control access to your data.
Level 1 connectivity lives on the machine's control interface, with displays showing the system's status on the control screen.
Level 2 connectivity lives on your private internal network, allowing select employees to log in to instantly see the health status of all connected machines. It also provides in-shop notifications (via email).
Level 3 connectivity includes the benefits of Levels 1 and 2 and transmits coded alarm messages or support requests through the cloud to Makino's technical support team. We'll then contact you right away to proactively decide a recommended course of action.  MHmax does not require data streaming at any level, and Makino only receives alerts that your machine needs attention.
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How to Buy MHmax

MHmax is a subscription service with an initial machine software, hardware and installation cost. For this, users receive the predictive and display capabilities of MHmax. An annual subscription renewal fee will apply after the first year of use and gives continual updates on the MHmax software as released throughout the year.
MHmax comes as an option on new a-series Makino machines and is available as a retrofit option on legacy Makino a-series machines with both a Pro 6 or Pro 5 control. 
This is a great value because unplanned downtime can cost you.

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