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Promise of Performance

Your success is how we measure our success

Performance is everything Makino stands for and everything we stand behind.
Always has been. Always will be.
We build CNC machines, Horizontal Machining Centers, Vertical Machining Centers, Sinker EDM Machining Centers, Wire EDM Machining Centers, Graphite machining centers, automation and turnkey systems and technologies you can rely on with certainty.
We never stop pushing the boundaries of faster speeds, tighter tolerance and longer lifespans. We always bring you more innovative technology and systems, deeper expertise and an attention to detail that stands for Quality First and above all, that's our Promise of Performance.

Our promise is rooted in a relentless craftsmanship. Every day, we strive to get better and resolve to work harder. Doing our unconditional best is more than a goal, it’s a responsibility we feel to our customers.

Today, our PROMISE OF PERFORMANCE drives everything we do for you.
You have a partner who’s with you and for you at every step
When you invite a Makino machine to your shop floor, it’s the start of a partnership. Makino is the collaborator who’s fully invested in helping you perform at the highest level.
We come through when you need it the most
You can depend on Makino CNC machines and our people to get the job done –no matter what. Day after day after week after year, we work hard to deliver the highest tolerances and reliability - so you can perform.
We measure our success by your success
Everything our machines do – and everything we do to build and support them – is centered around you.
We’re committed to help you do your most important CNC machining work and meet your customers’ highest expectations.
Makino is more than our name. It’s our word.

How We Help You