Die/Mold Automation: Retool Your Business Processes to Improve Productivity
The low-volume, high-mix nature of the mold, tool and die industry leads many shop owners to believe their businesses are not good candidates for automation. In fact, it’s just the opposite. In an industry in which shops with stand-alone machines typically achieve utilization rates around 30 to 35 percent, it’s possible for mold, tool and die shops that add automation to achieve utilization rates approaching 85 percent, through planning, scheduling and management.
In this white paper, learn how mold, tool and die shops are realizing significant gains in productivity and lower costs through a wide range of automated machining solutions. From simple integration of machines with pallet changers and modular work-holding solutions to complex robot-automated flexible manufacturing systems, discover what level of automation is appropriate for your shop and its mold, tool or die applications.
Tooling up for automation also entails numerous process optimizations to ensure the highest degree of accuracy, quality, reliability and repeatability. Considerations for process improvements are detailed within this paper, as well as recommendations for selecting the ideal suppliers and engineering services providers.
In today’s competitive global marketplace, with pressures to improve quality and pricing without increasing investment in machines or labor, the time is right to consider taking a production approach. Avoid overlooking key factors necessary for successful implementation of automated technologies and process with the insights offered within this paper.
This white paper explores the following issues to consider:
  • Is automation right for your die/mold processes?
  • How should you prepare for automation?
  • What levels of automation are available?
  • How much engineering and other support does your shop require?
  • What jobs, parts and workpieces are good candidates for automation?
  • What factors are commonly overlooked?
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