Faster throughput, finer finishes, and lower costs. Made possible with Makino’s intelligent technology.

Faster speeds. Superior finishes.

Flawless parts are critical in die and mold machining. Our machines deliver superior accuracy and surface finish for automotive, medical, packaging, household consumer products and micro molding for electronics components.  
Makino die/mold machines are specifically designed to meet the demands of speed, reliability, reform accuracy and surface finish with best-in-class performance.  
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Faster speeds. Superior finishes.

A die/mold machine for every need

Our portfolio addresses a wide variety of die and mold making applications, from 3x to 5x vertical and horizontal machining centers EDM wire and sinker machines. Our die/mold applications team will help you find the right solution for your shop.
A die/mold machine for every need

The challenges and needs of die and mold machining

Die and mold making are marked by long cycle times and single piece applications of high value work pieces. The process requires maximum thermal stability to guarantee form accuracy and seamless blending – all while running at optimum speed.

With our engineering and automation services, we strive to create unattended operation and reduced cycle times. That means creating a predictable stable process, capturing unattended machining time, eliminating multiple setups, manual handling, and the need to move parts from machine to machine. Plus, our superior finish eliminates the time-consuming step of hand polishing. Simply put, you get flawless parts in less time.

To control quality and performance, we design and manufacture our own spindles, and machine and assemble our structures in-house.This allows us to provide die/mold machines that feature:
  • Thermally stable platform
  • Spindle designed for maximum RPM continuous use
  • Rigid Machine construction for best dynamic accuracy
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The challenges and needs of die and mold machining

The Makino difference

  • Ongoing collaboration with our partners in the tooling, CAM, metrology and automation industries is the foundation for our approach.
  • Our staff is trained to look beyond a single machine project to understand your total process flow and the impact a Makino machine will have on your business, both upstream and downstream. Our engineers bring practical real-world tool-making experience to each part detail and help optimize machining processes for even the most difficult and demanding application.  
  • The interdependency of toolpath (CAM), cutting tools,  and machine capability are critical to the machining processes. On the surface, these elements are very similar for each application. But we recognize the different needs of each tooling segment and the performance specific differences within CAM software, cutting tools and machine platforms.
  • Most of all, we understand what it takes to automate these processes to micron level accuracy with nanometer level surface finishes.

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