Faster throughput, finer finishes, and lower costs. Made possible with Makino’s intelligent technology.

Faster Speeds. Superior Finishes.

A flawless part is critical in manufacturing dies and molds. Makino’s high-speed machining, technology transfer, applications, software and engineering services speed up the process while maintaining a high level of quality and increasing productivity. 

Reduced cycle and lead times and lower labor costs are the results of rapid prototyping, high-performance milling, and no-polish EDM burning, which Makino technology provides. Using Makino machines along with our engineering and automation services, we strive to create a single continuous operation to create a mold. That means eliminating multiple setups, manual handling, and the need to move parts from machine to machine. A superior finish eliminates the time-consuming step of hand polishing. Simply put, you get parts that are flawless in less time.

Complex mold programs don’t slow Makino down. Our exclusive Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.5) technology processes long, complex programs at extremely fast speeds while producing a high level of accuracy and a superior finish. The high-speed, high-accuracy of SGI.5 helps reduce the high-definition of 3D milling of dies and molds by an average of 15 percent compared to previous versions of this advanced technology. That can result in a reduction of cycle times as much as 30 percent.

Makino technology changes your die/mold business today, while enabling you shape the market of the future.

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Revolutionizing Die & Mold Technologies

Makino meets the evolving needs of die & mold manufacturers with innovative proposals for metal cutting, sinker and wire electrical discharge machining, part data generation and machining systems. These machines are deisgned with superior machining accuracy, even on large workpieces, and have versatile variations in set-up to accomodate a wide-range of component manufacturing. 

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