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On-site Training

Give Your Team an Edge with Hands-on Training at Your Facility

With on-site training, Makino sends an instructor to your facility for individual, hands-on training. Your team will be trained by an industry expert right on your shop floor. They’ll learn new skills and best practices while they work, applying targeted lessons to current processes. 

This is exclusive training and focused on the specific needs of your shop floor. Cut down on training time. Save on travel costs. Get the critical training necessary for peak performance and optimal output—with on-site training.

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Contact Makino Training Dept. to set up on-site training. The instructor will design the course and instruction to meet your specific workflow and processes.
[email protected]

Course Types

Makino offers several class types ranging from basic to advanced skill levels for operations, maintenance and programming. We recommend that all personnel who will be operating the machinery be trained. You can be sure to find the instruction you need at a price you can afford.
Class Type Cost Duration (days)
Maintenance $9,500 4.5
Operations $6,500 2.5
Programming $6,500 - $7,500 3 - 4.5
  • Maximum class size is 6 students.
  • Customer must provide classroom with whiteboard.
  • Training credits not applicable for an On-Site CNC training.
  • Instructor can travel on Sunday to start on Monday morning if necessary at no additional cost.

On-site Training with Makino

Our goal is to give you the most successful on-site training possible. We limit the class size to 6 students and usually start first thing Monday morning. During the training machines will be available for student's interaction.

Please note, training credits cannot be used for on-site training.

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