High Speed Milling

High Speed Milling

Superior Finishes, Bigger Jobs and Faster Turnaround Starts with the Right Machine.

Manufacturers ready to take their business to the next level need faster turnaround, bigger jobs and more work. They need to produce higher quality. And they need to generate the part features to fulfill any requirement. These next-level manufacturers turn to Makino.

When you use a Makino machine for high speed milling, you have the control technology, machine stability and spindle performance for accurate parts with superior finishes. You’re working faster, completing jobs in less time and at a lower cost per part with results that satisfy even the most demanding customer.


Forging dies that once required eight setups, 40 machine hours and a six-day lead-time today are routinely done in a single setup and takes less than four hours to complete. That’s just one example of the revolution led by Makino horizontal machining centers and our patented technology, Flush Fine machining. See all the ways we can help you forge a new future for your shop.

Injection Molding

Whether you’re working with molds that require intricate shapes, molds for micro parts, or medium to large injection molds, Makino offers a combination of machines, applications and technologies (including SGI.4 control technology) to give you more ways to create the best injection molds, all with shorter cycle times, superior finishes and matched surfaces.

Die-Cast Die

Machining accuracy is essential in die-cast dies. No one has more accurate, stable, rigid machines needed to deliver the tolerances and the performance required in this demanding area.


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