Makino machines and technology provide precision and flexibility for manufacturing medical parts.

Precision Meets Flexibility

The manufacturing of medical parts requires being at the forefront of medical breakthroughs. Production of orthopedic parts, medical devices and special packaging amongst other medical parts requires precision and flexibility. Makino meets these demands with technology that can be used with titanium alloys, cobalt chrome, and stainless steel, and can conquer the extreme precision of micromachining, all with the flexibility to adapt to the latest medical development. The future comes first when manufacturing medical parts with Makino technology.

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Makino Knows Speed Counts

Makino’s machining centers are milling hard materials at record speeds, making molds out of the hardest steels (60+ HRC), eliminating grinding and polishing in the process. Makino is also bringing new speed to the machining of increasingly complex and involved geometries. Forging dies that once required eight setups, 40 machine hours and a six-day lead-time are now being routinely executed with a single setup and under four hours to complete.

Whether you’re working with molds that require intricate shapes, molds for micro parts, or medium to large injection molds, Makino machines, applications and technologies give you more ways to create the best injection molds with shorter cycle times and a superior finish.

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