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Subject Matter Expert Technical Training

Know Your Makino Inside and Out

Makino’s Subject Matter Expert training program actively trains highly skilled maintenance technicians to be Makino subject matter experts in their shop. It is designed to enable maintenance technicians to take ownership of more complex maintenance and machine troubleshooting problems - more than they have ever performed in the past.

You will be rigorously trained to the same technical standards that Makino Field Service Engineers are trained.
Upon completion of this six week program, you will be able to:
• Proficiently inspect and diagnose Makino machines after a collision or alarm
• Support your Makino machines with a higher skill level
• Maintain your machines to run at optimal efficiency

Six-Week Training Content

Machine Operations (Week 1)

Skills assessment to determine current knowledge
Advanced control overview
Electronic machine manual navigation and overview
My Makino introduction and enrollment
Researching and submitting online part orders
FANUC features and troubleshooting
Control restoration and backup
Functions used during machining operations
Programming for maintenance activities
Machine networking and PC fundamentals
Remote technical support setup
Makino service departments introduction

Machine Maintenance (Week 2)

Spindle troubleshooting
Axes troubleshooting
Reference adjustments
Surface finish troubleshooting
Post crash machine evaluation
Complete ball screw replacement
Magazine alignments post-crash
Hydraulic and pneumatic troubleshooting
Broken Tool Sensor (BTS) adjustments and troubleshooting

Six-Week Training Content

Machine Metrology (Week 3)

Foundations for precision machining
Machine geometry introduction
Inspecting machine geometry
Interpreting machine geometry inspection reports
Multi point leveling and adjustment
Post-Crash inspections and reports
Hands on machine evaluation, geometry troubleshooting and adjustment

Machine Audit and PM Training (Week 4)

Machine performance history tracking
Machine performance audit
Preventative maintenance program planning
PM part number research and ordering
Spindle preventative maintenance inspections and component replacements
Coolant system preventative maintenance inspections
Conveyor chain tension adjustment and replacement
Coolant pump rebuild
Rotary union replacement
Machine belt adjustments and replacements
Matrix magazine inspections and adjustments
Chiller flushing after contamination
Machine filters overview


Electrical Print Reading and Troubleshooting (Week 5)

In depth machine tool electrical overview
Electrical component overview and identification
Alarm troubleshooting
FANUC alarm troubleshooting
Machine component electrical maps
Transformers and power supplies
ATC inverter parameters and adjustments
Spindle Chiller temperature sensor inspections
Machine switch types overview
In-depth hands-on troubleshooting

Advanced Maintenance (Week 6)

Spindle replacement
Drawbar rebuild
Spindle inspections post replacement
Table rebuild and adjustments
Machine rebuild parts research
Automatic Pallet Changer rebuild
Automatic Tool Changer replacement
Linear motion guide replacement
Final Program completion assessment

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