With Makino’s precision EDM machining process, even smaller shops are competing and winning EDM work. Makino EDM machines delivers faster processing times, lower costs and superior surface finishes for even the most complex part geometries.


When milling just won’t cut it

If you hit a roadblock milling a part conventionally, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) may be your best solution. EDM machining is a highly controlled and repeatable method that machines conductive materials of any hardness through a series of exacting energized spark erosion to high precision. This has its advantages for harder workpiece materials and smaller part features. 

EDM machining benefits multiple industries, including die/mold, medical, aerospace, electronics, military and manufacturing. It’s a slower process than conventional methods, but it’s a more repeatable process that yields high accuracy and fine surface finishes. Also, it’s easily automated and run unattended, giving you 24/7 production with no attendant required. 

What sets a Makino EDM machines apart from other types of EDM machining is its ease of use, operators of all skill levels can use our intuitive large HD touchscreen machine interface that works like a smartphone.  Makino’s advanced Hyper-i control provides an identical streamlined interface for all Makino Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, and EDM Drilling machines, which dramatically reduces training requirements. Our EDM machines require half the maintenance, greatly reduce the amount of machine consumables, decrease cycle time and perform faster than other machines on the market.

Types of EDM Machining:

Sinker EDMs 
  • Sinker EDM machines are ideal for hardened materials and complex part details that are difficult to machine by other methods. The EDM process uses a charged, shaped electrode in a submerged bath of dielectric fluid to machine conductive materials. The sinker EDM machine sinks the electrode into the workpiece, removing particles through spark erosion. 
  • Makino Sinker EDM machines stand apart because of their improved speed, lower electrode wear, reduced cycle times and finer finishes. They’ll increase your part production and profitability.
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(EDGE-Series, EDAF-Series, EDAC-Series, EDNC-Series machines)

Wire EDMs 
  • Traditional wire EDM machining consumes more than one pound of wire per hour, making wire consumption the biggest expense of operating wire EDM machines.  
  • Some of our wire EDM machines can cut at twice the industry standard speeds without increasing wire consumption.
  • Our wire EDM machines utilize advanced adaptive control technologies that automatically adjust for workpiece thickness while maintaining excellent part accuracy and straightness with the industry’s lowest wire consumption rates.  
  • A Makino wire EDM machine reduces wire consumption by up to 50% less over competitive models, providing a significant long-term savings in $1,000’s of dollars per year in operating cost.
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(U-Series machines, UP-Series, and UPN-Series machines)

EDM Hole Drilling 
  • EDM machining for hole drilling uses an energized rotating tube electrode with high pressure flushing to produce fast, accurate machining of small, deep holes in conductive materials.
  • Makino EDM hole drilling technologies achieve reduced cycle times and increased accuracy with advanced machining break-thru detection.  
  • Makino offers EDM Drilling machine solutions designed for small diameter high-precision applications, and high-volume production machining of cooling film holes for turbine engine components.
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(EDBV-Series, BX-Series, EDAF-Series, and EDFH-Series machines)


Additional information:

Hyper-i Control System

We’ve improved machine productivity by intelligently streamlining the interface. Your operators work faster and more efficiently with a touchscreen control that’s as easy to use as a tablet. Reduce operator errors with built-in operation steps and instant access to video tutorials and help functions.

High-Energy Applied Technology (H.E.A.T.)

We’re helping clients build medical hand tools, aerospace housings, jigs and surface fixtures with higher quality and speed. Our machines burn hotter, cutting parts 18 to 44 percent faster while holding tolerances of straightness to 0.0005” (T.I.R.) with one pass and 0.0002” (T.I.R) with two passes.

High-Quality Surface Finish (HQSF)

Our exclusive process technology found on Makino’s complete line of Ram EDMs that use a proprietary nontoxic powder called µSC and mixed into the dielectric fluid that helps produce superior surface finishes in a significantly shorter time.

Wire EDM


Makino EDM exclusive that gives you industry-leading control technology. As part of the Makino UPJ-2, the world’s only conventional horizontal wire EDM machine, WireWIZARD technology delivers higher speed and better surface finishes with fewer passes and superior accuracy, with substantially reduced consumable and maintenance costs. WireWIZARD helps make the UPJ-2 the ideal choice for micromachining applications such as micro-miniature molds, fiber optics, inkjet nozzles and medical instruments.


BellyWIZARD™ is an exclusive Makino technology that increases straightness up to 40 percent. The result is that fewer passes are required compared to conventional wire EDM approaches. Makino’s BellyWIZARD™ technology automatically selects optimum machining parameters.


SurfaceWIZARD is an innovation from Makino that virtually eliminates witness lines that occur due to material thickness and stepped changes, all while maintaining part straightness. 


Makino is the world leader in EDM technology. With advances in Ram EDM technology, Makino delivers extraordinary precision, superb surface finishes, faster processing time, and low cost per part for the most complex and involved geometries of your die or mold.

With Makino Ram EDM, no job is too big or too small.

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