Micromachining Technologies

Micromachining Technologies

Complex applications with micron-level tolerances. Makino machines and engineering can meet the demand.

Machines and Engineering to Meet the Demand of Your Micron-level Applications

Makino provides micro-milling, EDM sinker/wire and fine hole solutions to meet the ultra-precision requirements of these high value market applications.

• LED mold surfaces
• Finished mold components, cavities for micro mold tooling
• Ultra precision stamping die components
•  Gauges
• Micro drilling
• Micro thread finishing
• Fuel cell tooling
• Solar power generation
• Fresnel optics
• Electrode machining
• Hard tooling/direct machining
• Mold/part for semiconductor manufacturing
• Ultra precision single piece components
• Research & development
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Machines and Engineering to Meet the Demand of Your Micron-level Applications

Makino provides the micro milling and micro EDM solutions including the engineering expertise for machining and metrology
iQ300 / iQ500 Vertical Machining Centers:
Precision micro-milling machine delivering wide ranging capabilities from sub-micron machining accuracy and repeatability up to macro-scale machining applications.
(See the adjacent video of a Tungsten Carbide Stamping Die being machined by a 150-micron BEM)

V22 Vertical Machining Center:
Designed to machine complex materials, including ceramics, intricate cores and cavities with a 40,000 RPM spindle.

D200z Five Axis Vertical Machining Center:
D200Z design incorporates extreme speeds and precision for tighter tolerances and flawless blends and matches in complex 3-D contoured workpieces especially in Die Mold and Medical applications.

EDAF2 Sinker EDM​:
The EDAF2 sinker EDM machine offers an ideal mix of high-speed machining, high accuracy and surface finish capability to efficiently tackle any job.

EDAC1 Sinker EDM​:
EDM machine with the accuracy and surface finish capability for small electronics and micromachining applications.

EDFH-1 EDM Hole Drilling​:
The EDFH-1 machine expands on the advanced ultra-precision capability of the EDAC-1 by incorporating high-accuracy EDM Drilling to the same machine platform.

UPN-01 Wire EDM:
Ultra-precision Horizontal Wire EDM machining with superior surface finish for small/fine wire operations.

Examples of micromachining applications

iQ300 demo sheet Download
Deep rib trochoidal machining 0.725mm x 7.5mm

UPN1 demo sheet  Download
Sub-micron oil Wire EDM using .022mm wire

EDFH1 demo sheet Download
30 micron x .95 mm Tungsten Carbide electrode

V22 demo sheet Download
Twelve 100 micron micro-drilling aperture holes

Examples of micromachining applications

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