Pallet Automation

Pallet Automation

Eliminate set-up time and run multiple parts on-demand

Mixed Production: Medium Volume Medium Mix Solutions

When you know the number of parts and your production requirements, there’s a solution available that can help you maximize production time and productivity.
Makino's Pallet Magazine system is ideal for running a family of parts while achieving the greatest efficiency. It lets you dial up the part you want to run without the burden of unwanted set-up time. Lights out production is possible by loading all pallets to run during unattended hours.  Plus, the standard configuration of the pallet magazine requires little to no special engineering.
This system integrates a round pallet pool that can be single or multilayer with one machining center. There is one worksetting station for the operator to load and unload parts and seven pallet stations per layer to manage various fixtures.
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Mixed Production: Low Volume Medium Mix Solutions

Makino provides a ready-to-use automation system with little to no special engineering required. This solution shuttles parts on a standard pallet interface between up to eight horizontal, vertical, sinker EDM, or Wire EDM machines. Die Mold and Medical applications benefit from the elimination of change-over and setup time with a fast quoting cycle and lower costs compared to custom systems.
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