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Automate for Performance

When optimizing performance and productivity, extra steps in a process equals wasted dollars. That’s why we focus our automation efforts on eliminating those unnecessary steps and streamlining techniques to improve your productivity and profitability. We continually challenge ourselves to create superior automated systems designed to reduce your machining costs and decrease takt time. This dedication to automation performance is just one example of how we put you first in everything we do. Your success is how we measure our success. Discover how Makino’s automation services can eliminate manual labor and improve performance throughout your business.
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Why Makino

Makino is uniquely qualified to be your single source for developing the most effective automation solution focused on reducing the cost of machining a part. We have a plethora of industry experts under one roof who specialize in cell design, layout, cycle time, machining process, fixturing, robot integration, cell control systems, safety systems, end of arm design, and simulation. These united resources are essential to ensuring fluidity and success during your project.

We have been developing automated solutions for manufacturers around the world since the mid-1990s. Today, no one is better positioned to provide you with the equipment, skills and manpower necessary to effectively implement automated solutions for competing in the global marketplace.

Industrial Automation Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a wide range of manufacturing automation systems to help you improve machine utilization, eliminate set-up time, reduce scrap, decrease manual labor requirements, maximize operator ergonomics, and optimize scheduling of production.

A seamless integration of automated systems must begin with proper upfront planning and utilize an automation blueprint that lays out the essential steps needed  for a successful implementation of automation.
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Industrial Automation Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

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