Create efficiency at every step. 

Automate for Performance

When optimizing performance and productivity, extra steps in a process equals wasted dollars. That’s why we focus our automation efforts on eliminating unnecessary processes and streamlining techniques to improve your productivity and profitability. We continually challenge ourselves to create superior automated systems designed to reduce your machining costs and decrease cycle time. This dedication to automation performance is just one example of how we put you first in everything we do. Your success is how we measure our success. Discover how Makino’s automation services can eliminate redundant processes and improve performance throughout your business.

Ready for Today. Ready for Tomorrow.

Our experts design a flexible system of highly repeatable production processes. That means your company will be globally competitive today, tomorrow, and years from now. 
  • Boost machine utilization to 95 percent or higher
  • Increase throughput
    • Run lights-out, unattended
  • Reduce labor costs 
    • Manage multiple machines with single operator
    • Reduce labor force or avoid adding labor
  • Eliminate ergonomic issues
    • Avoid hazardous conditions
    • Reduce or eliminate repetitive motions
  • Drive consistent quality
    • Control repeatable processes
    • Avoid variability in part handling
  • Redeploy for future production needs
  • Adapt equipment and software
Ready for Today. Ready for Tomorrow.

Automation Services

Automating your manufacturing process is a smart investment in your future. 

Cells & Systems

Makino’s flexible, modular machine systems can be customized to any facility.


Learn to adopt robotics, cobots and AI into your machining process. 

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