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Manufacturing Is No Longer Just a Physical Process

Here’s how you can lead the change.
How you program, control and manage machines is changing forever. Digital connectivity is transforming manufacturing and how we all see the world, right before our eyes. It’s bringing us closer to our machines and creating new standards of performance. Companies who aren’t already thinking about how to adjust will no longer be relevant.

How do you help lead the disruption? This is no time for baby steps or dipping your toe in, and the answers aren’t found in practices from the past. This calls for an ever-changing business model based on digital solutions that propel your company forward.
Manufacturing Is No Longer Just a Physical Process

ATHENA: Hear It to Believe It

If these machines could talk…well, actually, they can. As the shortage of veteran operators grows, you could continue to fight and claw to attract what’s left—or you could make your machines easier to operate. Voice activation and artificial intelligence hold the key.

Say hello to ATHENA, the voice-activated industrious assistant that anyone can use. Makino machines are the first to have it. Talking to Athena, manufacturing workers of all skill levels can take command of the machine, control operations and call up critical data. All with just a few words and a little training (she knows g-code, too). Athena runs on any Makino VMC, HMC or EDM, using the single universal language of voice command.


Beyond the Talk

But voice activated machine operation is just half the story. ATHENA is able to learn. Beyond basic control commands, Athena guides and analyzes. She can even respond to “thinking” questions such as:

  • How do I change a tool?
  • What is my run time on this part?
  • What is my coolant temperature? 

With voice command, the work of an operator is easier. They can ask for help. Critical data can be called up in an instant. Work is more fun.

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Predict Problems and Prevent Unplanned Downtime

To keep you up and running, Makino brings the Internet of Things to your shop floor. Our machine health monitoring software - Makino Health Maximizer (MHmax) - predicts problems before they happen, so you can take steps to prevent unplanned down time. With 22 embedded sensors collecting data at the most critical points, predictive software checks for spindle health, analyzes controller data and calculates the need for alerts and warnings. You’ll know exactly how your machines are running at all times. So you can act, not react.

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Predict Problems and Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Track More Data with MPmax™

The power of the Internet of Things and digital connectivity boils down to one thing: data. Our proprietary data management software, MPmax™, has analysis tools and capabilities that no other software has, including spindle load, speed and vibration monitoring. With real-time status reports, it’s a central hub for monitoring—and optimizing—critical processes, across a variety of machines. MPmax is compatible with ProNetConneX and tracks a variety of key machine performance benchmarks:

  • Status monitoring
  • Utilization monitoring
  • Alarm analysis
  • Spindle and axis monitoring
  • Tool data management
  • Probe data analysis
  • Camera monitoring (option)
  • Power-consumption monitoring (option)

The performance of your machines—of your business—depends on staying agile, fast, informed and exceedingly efficient. Digital disruptors like these will help you transform your potential and reach the future ahead of your competition.

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Track More Data with MPmax™