Why Makino?

Why Makino?

A Makino machine will transform your business

Worry-free Production

“I can push these things to the max and have no issues with anything.” Operators know that running a Makino is just easier, with unmatched precision and relentless dependability. You won’t spend all day changing offsets to make up for machine inaccuracies. You won’t have to explain high rates of out-of-tolerance scrap. A Makino provides peace of mind, reliability and performance that allows you to sleep better at night.
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Around the Clock, Around the Corner Service

At every stage of setup and operation, you have the support of highly-skilled professionals who are passionate about your success. It starts the moment you decide to become a Makino owner. With deep-seated engineering expertise, we help you understand installation and setup, and optimize processes, to bring out the best in your machine—and your operators. When you need help right away, our 24/7 customer service hotline is staffed by highly-qualified Makino service technicians. And check out our online Parts Store and Owner’s Suite for everything your new machine might need.

Market-Focused Process Experts

Makino Process Engineers are highly-sought after for their deep market-specific process knowledge. This specialized expertise enables optimized, “best-in-class” processes specific to your needs and brings out the best in your Makino machine. Our experts have years of experience working with companies just like yours and quickly identify and implement process improvements leading to better cycle times, optimize cutting and tooling, reduced scrap, improved process capability and increased throughput.

The Industries Highest Build Standards - Quality First

Makino engineers continually push the boundaries of micron precision. From the efficient, rigid design to the meticulous initial casting, to the supreme exactness of the final build, we produce the most accurate machines in the industry. Thus, it is not surprising that visitors to our plant are impressed with the Makino build standard. The tireless dedication of the team—true craftsmen of the trade —proudly build to the highest standards of quality. Our pre-ship quality tests often exceed the unrivaled standards we set for ourselves. Quality first. Quality always. 

Technology that Keeps You Ahead

In an industry famous for small, incremental change, Makino introduces game-changing technology innovations that can revolutionize your competitive edge. Makino has a tradition of innovation that has been passed down with pride. Today, we take that legacy to new heights. Our visionary solutions and system advances give rise to machines that are more connected, more proactive, more reliable and more precise—while giving you more control over your future.
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