Give your machines a Titanium ADVANTiGE.™ Our Titanium Research and Development Center connects you to a select group of titanium engineers with applications that can work for your business.


Give Your Machines a Titanium ADVANTiGE™

Titanium—and your ability to machine it—can drive new opportunities for your shop. Few materials are as important in today’s industries (and tomorrow’s) as titanium and titanium alloys. Aircraft turbines and structural components, engine components, and medical applications like joint replacements, orthopedic pins, screws and bone-fixation devices are just a few of titanium’s critical applications.

The key to successful titanium machining is process development, where machine tool, cutting tools, machining processes and the right cutting strategies come together to match the material properties of each titanium grade.

For the best possible match and the best possible process, we recommend calling on the experts.

Our Titanium Research and Development Center in Mason, Ohio connects you to a select group of engineers who specialize in titanium and titanium alloys. They work with tooling and consumable vendors around the globe, sharing knowledge about all kinds of titanium applications that can work for your business.

Makino T-Series Automation Systems

Makino T-Series machines can integrate with an automatic pallet transfer and storage system in a highly flexible Makino Machining Complex (MMC2) for extended periods of unattended operation. This automation system automatically assigns work and initiates operations, maximizing spindle utilization for increased productivity.

ADVANTiGE™ Technology

Makino-exclusive ADVANTiGE™ technology helps improve titanium productivity and dramatically increases tool life over conventional titanium machining.

ADVANTiGE solves common titanium issues like low metal-removal rates and limited tool life with a high-pressure, high-flow coolant system, vibration damping system, and rigid machine and spindle construction.

Autonomic Spindle Technology uses spindle sensors to measure displacement caused by excessive cutting forces. Processing is instantly adapted, protecting both the spindle part and tooling.

A high-pressure, high-flow coolant system delivers large volumes of coolant directly to the cutting zone for faster chip evacuation, particularly with multi-flute tools. The coolant system includes overhead shower, spindle nozzle and through-spindle coolant for improved cooling, lubrication and chip evacuation.

The vibration damping system adjusts frictional forces based on low-frequency vibration sensing, avoiding chatter and cutter damage from structure resonance in real time. Vibration suppression enables deeper cuts, higher metal-removal rates and reduced tool wear.

The rigid construction of ADVANTiGE-enhanced machinery provides a solid, reliable platform for all other technologies, further suppressing vibration for reduced tool chipping and improved metal-removal rates.

Our Titanium R&D engineers work constantly to develop titanium solutions for a variety of applications in every industry. See Makino’s latest breakthroughs at TiMachining.com.

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