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Makino Makes It Easy to Upgrade with Flexible Financing Options

Makino Makes It Easy to Upgrade with Flexible Financing Options

Stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of every opportunity. Makino Capital provides flexible, aggressive financing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Makino Capital is confident we can put together the right solution for your business needs through one of the many financing solutions available:

Capital Lease - Tax/Operating Lease - Loan - Rental Agreement - Flex Payments

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Makino Makes It Easy to Upgrade with Flexible Financing Options

Why Financing Is Often The Best Choice?

Conserve Cash
Paying cash for a long-lived piece of equipment where benefits are derived over time may not be the best use of your available cash.

Makino Capital offers financing up to 100 percent of the purchase price, including sales tax, helping you close the gap on more efficient production equipment.

Preserve Your Credit
Save your credit line for other working capital needs.  Let Makino Capital handle the financing of your new equipment.

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Why Financing Is Often The Best Choice?

Match Payments to Revenue
Let your new equipment pay for itself with the additional revenue being generated by your new equipment.  Partner with Makino Captial to structure the right payment plan to fit your particular needs.

Avoid Capital Budgeting Constraints
A properly structured lease will allow your company to obtain new equipment without taking ownership.  Let Makino Capital tailor a financing solution that meets your unique financial situation.

Prevent Obsolescence
Keep production at the top of their game and hedge against inflation. With the leasing program, Makino Capital takes those risk while you better manage changes in technology and economic uncertainty.

Why You Should Use Makino Financing

Here’s How We Can Help You Get the Machine You Need:

Capital Lease/Lease Purchase
Conserve cash or match payments to revenue. Flexible lease-end options are designed to meet your needs.
Take ownership of the equipment with financing through Makino. Tax benefits and interest deduction mean lower payments.
Tax Leases
Put a new Makino machine on the floor with low lease payment. Structure payments to avoid capital budgeting constraints.
Tax Incentives
Recent changes to the tax law make it the perfect time to purchase. Put a Makino on the floor and immediately expense 100% to reduce your overall cost.
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Use the financing calculator to review leasing options. Find the best option for your business with a single click of the button.
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