Makino a500Z 5 Axis HMC is built to raise productivity through efficient part processing

Makino a500Z 5 Axis HMC is built to raise productivity through efficient part processing

Innovative design combines the advantages of Makino’s industry leading machine performance with an advanced kinematic layout.
Mason, Ohio – July 2019 – Prior to Makino’s introduction of the a500Z, if a customer wanted to combine the inherent processing efficiencies of a horizontal machining center with five axes of machine movement, the only practical solution was to add an after-market fifth axis table to the four axis HMC’s pallets.  While this has been an effective solution to meet this need for many years, Makino’s offering of the fully integrated design a500Z takes this combination to the ultimate level of productivity.

Makino’s versatile a500Z builds upon the industry leading performance and reliability of our nx-series four axis HMC’s, by adding a factory built and fully design integrated “Z-type” fifth axis to accommodate today’s more complex part geometry challenges in a minimum number of workholding setups and machining operations.  The unique kinematic arrangement of the a500Z minimizes the force path lengths both through the spindle as well as through the workpiece, efficiently transferring both cutting loads and reactive forces into the machine’s three point leveled bed, maximizing both metal removal rates and perishable tool life due to unparalleled system rigidity.

The a500Z accommodates workpieces of up to Ø24.8” (Ø630mm) x 19.9” (500mm) high, with payload weights up to 880 pounds (400kg).  The X- and Y- strokes are 28.7” (730mm) and 29.5” (750mm) respectively, with the Z- stroke ranging from 19.7” - 27.6” (500mm – 700mm), depending on the rotary axes positioning.  Both rotary tables are of the direct drive type, with unlimited 360° movement on the B-axis, and 180° on the innovative ‘slant style’ C-axis unit.  This allows a full range of workpiece positioning ranging from the pallet top sitting horizontal to the spindle centerline to parallel to the spindle centerline, or anywhere in between these two extremes.  As has long been Makino’s hallmark, all axes on the a500Z have closed loop active temperature control standard, providing not only the superior dimensional control that is inherent to this design, but also extended component life even in the most demanding production environments.  With rapid rates for all linear axes of 2,362 inches per minute (60 meters per minute), and a B-axis rotation rapid rate of 45,000 degrees per minute, this agile platform allows for highly efficient machine movements.

The a500Z’s standard 14,000 RPM high power spindle offers output capabilities of 49.6 HP (37 kW) peak power, and 223 ft-lbs (303 N-m) peak torque, making is ideal for wide ranging material applications.  The optional 20,000 RPM high speed spindle is offered for customers utilizing primarily small diameter tools in high speed machining applications.  Tool changer magazine sizes range from the standard 60 tool capacity ring type unit, all the way up to a 313 tool matrix type magazine.

The standard automatic pallet changer on the a500Z greatly increases machine utilization, allowing workholding fixture tending on one pallet while the other pallet’s workpiece is being machined.  Since the APC is fully integrated into the core of the a500Z, it offers both unparalleled operation ease and system reliability.

For high volume, low mix production, Makino offers the option of Thru-Pallet Hydraulics to service high-production type work-holding fixtures, as well as our full suite of automation options such as Auto Doors on the Pallet Stocker Stand and Robot Interface to facilitate easy integration into robot loaded systems.  Conversely, for high mix, low volume applications, the a500Z can be fully integrated into Makino’s MMC2 flexible manufacturing system – even into MMC2 systems that also service our a51nx four axis HMC.

The a500Z comes standard with our Fanuc based Pro-6 CNC control, featuring standard features such as a user-friendly touch screen interface, advanced tool data management, and our patented Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.5) high speed motion control system.  Beyond this, Makino has made standard the Renishaw RPM-600 ultra-high accuracy strain gauge type touch probe, tooling ball system, and our Center of Rotation Axis Measurement software to allow users to validate and maintain critical machine volumetric accuracies critical to tight-tolerance processing in an automated environment.

The Makino a500Z – quickly becoming the industry standard for the complex production parts machining, with sustained accuracy and unmatched productivity.

  Inch Metric
Pallet 19.7” x 19.7” 500mm x 500mm
X 28.7” 730mm
Y 29.5” 750mm
Z (depending on C axis pos’n) 19.7” – 27.6” 500mm – 700mm
B 360° (unlimited) – Direct Drive
C 180° - Direct Drive
Spindle RPM 14,000 (std.) / 20,000 (opt.)
Rapid Traverse 2,362 ipm 60 m/min
Cutting Feedrate (max) 1,968 ipm 50 m/min
Maximum Workpiece Ø24.9” x 19.7” High Ø630mm x 500mm High
Maximum Payload 880 lbs. 400 kg
ATC Capacity 60 (std.) / 133, 218, 313 (opts.)
Tool to Tool 0.9 sec.
Maximum Tool Length 20.1” 510mm
Maximum Tool Diameter 6.7” 170mm
Maximum Tool Weight 26.4 lbs. 12 kg