Makino's New SGI.4 Delivers Enhanced High-performance capability

Makino's New SGI.4 Delivers Enhanced High‑performance capability



Machining Times Reduced By An Average of 15%

Makino is introducing SGI.4, the next generation of its patented super geometric intelligence technology, on its V-Series of vertical machining centers. SGI.4 enables processing of long, complex mold programs, at extremely fast speeds, while achieving levels of accuracy and finish previously unobtainable.

The high-speed, high-accuracy SGI.4 can help reduce the high-definition milling of dies and molds by an average of 15 percent when compared to previous versions of this advanced technology. It can reduce some production cycle times by as much as 30 percent.

"Since its inception in the early 1990s, SGI control technologies have reduced overall machine time by more than half on mold cavities and cores," according to Mark Rentschler, marketing manager at Makino. "This trend toward shorter machining time shows the maximum effectiveness of SGI technology when utilized with higher feedrates and spindle speeds, while achieving superior surface finishes that virtually eliminate benchtime."

The SGI.4 technology will be demonstrated on machines at the main Makino Booth #8400 in Hall A of the South Building at the 2004 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, September 8 through 15. Additional machining solutions can be observed at the EDM Pavilion in Booth #4110 of Hall D.

SGI.4 provides higher processing capability with higher machine acc/dec rates, finer resolution feedback and machine construction characteristics to deliver high-performance machining. SGI.4 consistently maintains higher feedrates and accuracy. It anticipates what the servo lag or following error will be for upcoming toolpath changes. It then moves the machine tool to that point ahead of the actual feedback from the servo drive, compensating for servo error to achieve a more accurate toolpath.

SGI.4 provides coordinated compensation in all three axes simultaneously. This on-the-fly, three-dimensional compensation lets Makino machining centers track precisely to programmed toolpath on mold contours and complex geometries, even at five times or more the feed rates for conventional machines. Simultaneous coordination and correction of axis motions enables the machining centers to scribe smooth, curving 3-D cuts for superb finishing accuracy and surface quality.