Eliminate your time consuming work piece setup with i-Setup

Eliminate your time consuming work piece setup with i‑Setup

i-setup function was developed to assist the operator in workpiece set-up, alignment and coordinate system setting. In “normal operation”, this process has been (traditionally) manually achieved, is time consuming - reducing spindle utilization on expensive machine tools, requires a certain degree of expertise, incorporates multiple steps and is dependent upon exacting manual calculations and data entry. “Systemizing” this process – using a “j panel” equipped with a “speed knob” and axis control buttons – as well as drawing upon an automatic work measurement probe streamlines the work set-up process, cuts the set-up time, is very reliable (i.e.: reducing human calculation errors and manual data input), is “easy to use”, increases machine utilization and improves work throughput. Although focused upon work set-up, i-Setup can also be utilized for “in –process” measurement and verification as well as post production confirmation and authentication.