New Best Ever 5-Axis Machining Capabilities with 5XC

New Best Ever 5‑Axis Machining Capabilities with 5XC

Learn how 5XC (or Five Axis Continuous) is revolutionizing 5-axis machining. These new technologies are reducing programming, cycle and lead-times for complex, 3D, contoured surface die/mold and medical components by anywhere from 18% to 70% and more – depending upon the application. At the same time, it is dramatically cutting part costs, extending tool life with enhance surface finishes and providing superior precision. 5XC blends the latest innovations in machine tool components, design and CAD/CAM software advancements creating unprecedented speed and precision. In short, the cutting is better, the programming is better, the tooling runs better and costs are lower. How long can you afford to wait to adopt this technology? Learn more about how to get 5XC working for you.