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Standard Precision Machine Technologies for Micromachining

Learn what it takes to achieve sub-micron accuracies in milling and EDM and how to choose the right tool for the micro job. Makino will discuss the V22 vertical machining center’s ability stay accurate under 2 microns in long-running jobs, the EDAC1 Ram EDM capable of producing inside corner radii of 0.005mm (0.0002-inch) and finishes down to 0.5umRy , and the UPJ-2 Wire EDM which can automatically thread a 0.00078-inch (0.02mm) wire through a 0.0027-inch (0.07mm) diameter start hole with a 0.0059-inch (0.15mm) pitch. The EDGE2 Fine Hole Ram EDM provides the capability to machine holes as small as 0.012mm diameter using standard pipe electrodes or by producing discharge dressed electrodes in process on the machine.