Large Mold Machining Part 2

November 02, 2006

In this second part of a Large Mold Machining series, Makino discusses the more traditional machining of large molds on a vertical machining center. Large molds present challenges due to the size and weight of the material, often forcing machinists to sacrifice accuracy in order to handle the size and weight of the work pieces. Makino VMC Product Manager Bill Howard discusses the required features of a vertical machining center for success in large mold applications, specifically Makino's V99 and V99L vertical machining centers, and how you can improve your large mold quality, accuracy and lead times.. "We're finding that big molds are staying in North America," said Howard. "To be prepared to handle this difficult work, you need the right machining platform and techniques to handle them." Makino also discusses ways to ease setup and changeover, how to speed up loading and unloading of molds, roughing and finishing on the same machine, and how to reduce WIP and overall lead-time.

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