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Turnkey Services

Take the Confusion Out of Any Application Engineering Project

As your single-source project engineering partner, our experts coordinate all stages of planning and implementation. With our industry-leading, high-speed machine tools at the core, we manage application engineering, project management, fixture design and building, process design, tooling design, cost and time guarantees, installation, runoff, and technology transfer. 

Reduce the risk of your next engineering project with guaranteed cycle times, production and throughput rates, and increased efficiency with Makino Turnkey services.

Take the Confusion Out of Any Application Engineering Project

Industry Leading Turnkey

Purchasing a metal-cutting turnkey solution from Makino is a cost-efficient means to maximize the production capabilities of your Makino machining center(s), while minimizing risks inherent with bringing a new machining program online in your factory.

With the purchase of a complete Makino metal-cutting turnkey, we provide a guaranteed part production solution.  This single-sourced program includes the machining process layout and development, design and supply of workholding fixtures, design and supply of a complete set of cutting tools, and full runoff of all this to validate both the machining cycle times and part quality. On top of this, Makino supplies fully detailed engineering level documentation as well as system operations training to your identified staff members to facilitate sustained operation upon completion of the program.


By utilizing Makino’s staff and facilities to provide this solution, your personnel are freed up to attend to other aspects of bringing a new project into your capability portfolio. Beyond this, Makino can apply all capabilities inherent to our equipment to the provided machining system. Items such as incorporating parallel processing machine features to minimize overall cycle time or utilize the machines’ optional Fixture Hydraulic Unit to stress-relieve otherwise distortion prone castings – as part of the machining process, with no operator / outside intervention.

Qualification runoffs are performed both at Makino’s facility in Mason, Ohio as well as at your production facility.  While we can tailor the runoff criteria to meet your company’s specific requirements, typically the runoff at Makino consists of the ‘first article’ for each unique design (i.e. – first Op 10 fixture and tool set, first Op 20 fixture and tool set, etc. on one machine), with the following runoff at your facility consisting of all supplied fixtures, tool sets, and machining centers. This common method proves the validity of all custom designed items, while minimizing both project cost and execution timeline. Runoffs are used to demonstrate not only machining cycle times but resulting part quality to the statistical level required for your sustained operation.  With single point responsibility falling on our assigned project team, we are fully accountable for the performance of ALL Makino-supplied turnkey items.
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