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Competitive Production ‑ Enabling Engineering Services

Today’s global economy puts fierce pressures on manufacturers to reduce costs, shrink lead-times and respond quickly to customer needs, especially in the ongoing race to quote and win new automotive contracts and part programs. At the same time, manufacturers are continually driven to reduce part costs while enhancing part quality by developing flexible manufacturing systems that are reliable and stable enough to adapt quickly to changing part volumes and designs.

Internally, manufacturing engineering services are often stretched thin, especially when the challenge is to specify and launch a new manufacturing process. Such as, automation integration services for a cell or system to meet a new manufacturing obligation. A company might lack the manufacturing engineering services altogether or lack the expertise around a potential new part contract they desire to quote. In addition, manufacturers can enjoy efficiency and peace of mind by turning to an experienced engineering services supplier that can integrate all aspects of a project and guarantee the results of its services. Makino Engineering Services is uniquely capable of delivering all these benefits—and more.

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