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Makino’s Intelligent Technology will meet your demands

Die and mold making are marked by long cycle times and single piece applications of high value work pieces. The process requires maximum thermal stability to guarantee form accuracy and seamless blending – all while running at optimum speed.

Makino's engineering and automation services strive to create unattended operation and reduced cycle times. That means creating a predictable stable process, capturing unattended machining time, eliminating multiple setups, manual handling, and the need to move parts from machine to machine. Plus, our superior finish eliminates the time-consuming step of hand polishing. Simply put, you get flawless parts in less time.

To control quality and performance, we design and manufacture our own spindles, and machine and assemble our structures in-house.  This allows us to provide die/mold machines that feature:
  • Thermally stable platform
  • Spindle designed for maximum RPM continuous use
  • Rigid Machine construction for best dynamic accuracy

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