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Medical High-Performance Machining Center ROI Whitepaper


To be competitive today, medical parts manufacturers must leverage the most advanced technology while keeping a pulse on maximizing long-term reliability, accuracy, and ROI. With many low-cost solutions available, it’s important to calculate a machine’s true ROI before making a purchase.

While low-cost solutions are appealing because of the price, investing in high-performance machining centers can ultimately facilitate a better, more profitable solution for your business. Oftentimes an ROI analysis only focuses on equipment price; however, there are a number of features you should examine in depth in order to determine a machine’s true value. Some factors include:

  • Life cycle cost
    • Acquisition costs—leasing vs buying
    • How operating costs affect productivity
    • Short-term vs long-term maintenance costs
    • Decommission costs
  • Hidden costs of ownership
  • Features of dynamic-production machines
  • How automation can improve ROI
  • Various types of leases and how they impact ROI

Download this whitepaper to discover how these and other factors such as 5-Axis machining capabilities will streamline operations and help you analyze a machine’s true ROI.

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