Feintool Boosts Profitability With High-Speed Hard-Milling VMCs

Feintool Boosts Profitability With High‑Speed Hard‑Milling VMCs

Feintool, a global fineblanking operation, invested in several Makino V33i VMCs at its Cincinnati establishment to machine tough metals more efficiently and with higher accuracy. It didn’t take long for the V33i machines to be the most used machines at Feintool, as it operates around the clock, unattended. The shop has reduced handwork by up to 30 percent, leading to less variability, greater labor efficiency, substantial cost reductions and a 40 percent increase in tool life during the stamping process. Additionally, the company has reduced sinker EDM processes by approximately 30 percent and wire EDM process by roughly 10 percent, further improving lead-times.