Control Software

Control Software

Makino software is designed to work smarter, not harder.

Digital Control Made Easy

Digital control solutions don’t work if the interface isn’t user friendly. Needless complexities take critical time away not only from your operators, but from the uptime of the machines themselves. We make it our mission to develop software that’s easy to use and finds new ways to improve your machine’s productivity—working smarter, not harder. 

Our digital control solutions make it simple to manage shop floor production and process monitoring, quality management, MRP, inventory management and detailed traceability. Whatever you need, we custom fit a solution to your needs so you can control costs, optimize resources and make smarter, faster decisions.

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Advanced Makino Pro6™ CNC Control that Maximizes Machine Performance

A Makino Pro6™ control optimizes machine motion according to machining conditions. Workpiece geometry and surface finish are maintained even while machining at high speeds with high acceleration. A variety of machining mode presets are available. Presets allow the operator to optimize cycle time and accuracy levels to meet application requirements. 

Makino's Hyper-i™ Control User-friendly Interface that Boosts EDM Productivity

The unique and modern Hyper-i™ control system represents a paradigm shift in operational efficiency on the shop floor and provides operators with an identical, powerful, user-friendly interface that boosts productivity for both Makino wire and sinker EDM products.
The Hyper-i™ control system improves machine productivity by intelligently streamlining the interface so that all operator skill levels can achieve the most efficient results. This modern graphical control makes use of pinch, swipe and spread touch functions similar to smartphones and tablets, and provides effective and natural operation using a 24” hi-definition touch screen. User friendliness is further enhanced with the integration of on-board digital manuals, intelligent e-Tech Doctor help functions and e-learning training system. 


Avoid Spindle Damage with Makino's Collision Safe Guard Technology

Makino’s proprietary Collision Safe Guard™ technology is a function that runs real-time interference checks to avoid spindle collisions. By combining on-board machine geometry models with workpiece, fixture and tooling data input by the user, Collision Safe Guard™ can predict and stop the machine prior to collision, protecting investments in the machine, fixture, tooling and workpiece. This state-of-the-art monitoring technology protects the spindle from damage caused by collisions.

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