Operating Software

Operating Software

Cutting-edge operating software to give you more visibility and control. 

Track Process, Make Progress

Today's software platforms should give you more than just end-to-end visibility and control of your manufacturing operations. They should also let you use the data it generates to implement improvements and move your business forward. The right operating software optimizes production, improves flexibility and boosts speed-to-market. Makino can help you choose the operating software custom fitted to work with your business, giving you visibility and control over all of your machining processes. 

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MAS-A5: Ideal Software to Manage your Cell Operations

Makino's Microsoft® Windows-based MAS-A5™ control software is designed for cell management. The MAS-A5™ main PC hard drive stores and manages all NC programs and is able to gather tool-life data per NC program. When a request is opened, this function informs the operator of how long a tool will be used in each NC program execution, as well as how many spare tools per machine are required to finish any work that is currently loaded or awaiting processing at the time that the request was placed. The MAS-A5™ then schedules work only for the machines that meet tool-life and availability requirements for the desired process sequence. Interfacing with a tool presetter can also reduce errors by automatically capturing tool-offset data, which can be transferred from the presetter to the MAS-A5™ system control. 

Data MPmax™ Management Made Easy

The power of the Internet of Things and digital connectivity boils down to one thing: data. Our proprietary data management software, MPmax™, has analysis tools and capabilities that no other software has, including spindle load, speed and vibration monitoring. With real-time status reports, it’s a central hub for monitoring—and optimizing—critical processes across a variety of machines. MPmax™ is compatible with ProNetConneX™ and tracks a variety of key machine performance benchmarks:

  • Status monitoring
  • Utilization monitoring
  • Alarm analysis
  • Spindle and axis monitoring
  • Tool data management
  • Probe data analysis
  • Camera monitoring (option)
  • Power-consumption monitoring (option)​

Predictive MHmax™ Maintenance Technology

To keep you up and running, Makino brings the Internet of Things to your shop floor. Our machine health monitoring software, Makino Health Maximizer (MHmax), predicts problems before they happen, so you can take steps to prevent unplanned down time. With embedded sensors collecting data at the most critical points, predictive software checks for spindle health, analyzes controller data and calculates the need for alerts and warnings. You’ll know exactly how your machines are running at all times. So you can act, not react.

Makino has several possible configurations, based on your specific needs.

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