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5X Continuous Machining

Five axis machines designed to achieve high accuracies and finishes with cycle time reductions up to 70%

5XC: Up to 70% Cycle Time Reduction

5XC (Five Axis Continuous) is revolutionizing 5-axis machining. These new technologies are reducing programming, cycle and lead-times for complex, 3D, Contoured surface die/mold and medical components by up to 70% – depending upon the application. At the same time, it is dramatically cutting part costs, extending tool life with enhance surface finishes and providing superior precision.

High-Speed 5-Axis Machining for Die/Mold

The D200Z five-axis vertical machining center’s unique kinematic design incorporates extreme speeds and precision for tighter tolerances and flawless blends and matches in complex 3D contoured work pieces.

See the D200Z’s outstanding volumetric accuracy (less than 2 micron total) of the table and full axis motions using a digital indicator with 100 nanometer resolution. This combined with the core-cooled spindle and SGI.5 motion control software provides the highest degree of accuracies, quality of blends and matches of multifaceted contoured 3D geometries dies and molds demand.
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Showcasing Makino 5XC Die/Mold Geometries

CASE STUDY: Cross Rib Electrode - Download
91% reduction in cycle time over 3-axis machining. 

CASE STUDY: Volumetric Accuracy Test Cube - Download
33.3% accuracy increase over conventional 5-axis platform. 

CASE STUDY: Prism Mold Cavity - Download
70% reduction of processing over 2+3 axis machining with significant surface finish improvement. 

CASE STUDY: Complex Wave Contour Test - Download
Cycle time and surface finish comparison to 3-axis machining.
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Showcasing Makino 5XC Die/Mold Geometries

Makino’s Rich Die/Mold History

Makino has a rich history in building machining center for the die/mold industry. It began in 1937, and continues this day. We are developing new machining solutions – not just in the machine itself, but in its control software.

See this history from the beginning of our die/mold partnerships to our latest five-axis vertical machining centers – the V80s and V90s. Both are built to provide our customers faster throughout, finer finishes, and lower costs.
See the V90S